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Welcome to St Gabriel's Nursery

With over 21 years of experience in childcare in Heaton, we are passionate in delivering excellence. At St Gabriel’s we build special, meaningful relationships with both you and your child to ensure they have the best possible start to life. Our highly-qualified, loving childcare team are dedicated to providing a comfortable experience as well as encouraging development and learning through our baby sensory rooms, spacious learning areas and exciting gardens.

St Gabriel’s now brings a brand new, vibrant space to the heart of Gosforth as we open our second nursery in summer 2017. We offer an exceptionally designed, state of the art building that creates a safe, secure environment and warm atmosphere for your child.

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Our Rooms at Heaton Nursery

We have 4 rooms at St Gabriel's Heaton Nursery for our children to grow, develop and blossom into beautiful little people

Buttercup room image


6 weeks to 18 months

Poppy room image


18 to 26 months

Lily room image


26 to 36 months

Sunflower room image


36 months to 60 months

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Our Rooms at Gosforth Nursery

We have 13 rooms at St Gabriel's Gosforth Nursery for our children to grow, develop and blossom into beautiful little people

Sunflower Room room image

Sunflower Room

36 months to 60 months

Poppy Room room image

Poppy Room

14 to 20 months

Lily Room room image

Lily Room

27 to 36 months

Buttercup Room room image

Buttercup Room

6 weeks to 13 months

Daisy Room room image

Daisy Room

21 months to 26 months

Dining Hall room image

Dining Hall

All children

Outdoor Space room image

Outdoor Space

All ages

Roof top garden room image

Roof top garden

3 - 5 years

Parents Room room image

Parents Room


Ofsted Report room image

Ofsted Report

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Summer Menus room image

Summer Menus

All Children

Parents Privacy Notice room image

Parents Privacy Notice

All Ages

Winter Menus room image

Winter Menus


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