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Heaton Nursery

Buttercup - 6 weeks to 18 months

Our aim is to provide a loving, secure environment for the babies. Working closely with parents we will ensure that the babies’ routine remains as close to that already established at home, emphasising consistency and continuity. We aim to care for and develop the babies in a homely, cosy environment. The room also has its own sleep room with dimmed lights which aids the sleep process.

  • Sleep in their own cot or mat, depending on development.
  • Stimulating environment to enhance babies holistic development.
  • Allocated own key person.
  • Individual routines followed.
  • Visual, sensory and auditory stimulation and activities provided.
  • Emphasis on natural materials.
  • Heuristic play and treasure baskets.
  • Opportunities to pull themselves up, cruise along bars and practice walking.
  • Being creative and messy, with paint, food play, gloop, water, etc.
  • Crawl in sand pit.
  • Ball pool.
  • Separate fenced off and covered outdoor grassed, garden area for babies.
  • Baby led weaning promoted.
  • Local walks to parks, pet’s corner, Jesmond Dene.
  • Group song, story and music times.

Poppy - 18 to 26 months

Within this room the key person role still remains extremely important, as the children’s individual care routines are fundamental to a child’s progress. In this room the children have lots of space to practice their skills in many different areas, especially their physical skills.

Activities are planned and repeated throughout the week, which are based around the children’s interests and their next steps of learning and development. This enables the key person to work on each of their individual key children’s progress through fun activities which they can try again.

  • Climbing frame to practise their gross motor skills.
  • Physical skills such as dancing and climbing promoted.
  • Continuous, free flow play from the indoors to the decking area.
  • Activities planned and repeated throughout the week.
  • Group times encourage sharing and turn taking.
  • Messy and creative activities aids sensory and creative development.
  • Role playing resources are provided as children begin to act out familiar roles, such as caring for baby, making tea, etc.

Lily - 26 to 36 months

As the children move into this group the structure of the day changes as the children are emotionally able to have more structure added to their day. The Lily group share the upper floor with the older children. Care routines are still extremely important to this age as they learn to use the potty and then toilet, still need a sleep and assistance with dressing themselves. With this age group independence is promoted with children being encouraged and helped to be able to do these things independently by the time they move into the Sunflower group.

  • Easily defined, well-presented and clearly labelled areas.
  • Children select their own resources and equipment to play with.
  • Help to tidy up and begin to learn where resources are stored.
  • Circle time promotes social and language skills, as well as turn taking and concentration.
  • Access to an outdoor play area in all weathers with wet suits for the rain provided.
  • Small world and role play promote and extend children’s imagination.
  • Well stocked natural materials to investigate and explore.
  • Access to soft play.

Sunflower - 36 months to 60 months

Pre-school Unit

Our pre school unit is divided into 2 rooms. Our rising 3 room  and pre school room both hold 21 children each. In these rooms we are preparing our children for school. We offer a variety of opportunities to enable children to gain the necessary skills they will need when they leave us to go into school.

We have a Early Years teacher in lour pre school room, who ensures our children are school ready, tailoring their learning through our robust  curriculum. 

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