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Our Nurseries

Our Philosophy

St Gabriel's Nursery is a large private day nursery which operates under the statutory guidance of the Early Years Foundation Stage (2014). We believe every child is full of potential. The opportunities we provide will assist and build upon the life experience that each child has already achieved. We provide a warm and friendly atmosphere where our families feel welcome and comfortable. A homely environment and flexible approach, gives us the opportunity to work collaboratively to support each growing child’s needs.

Play is Learning

At St Gabriels we promote learning through play. We feel it is important for children of all ages to be encouraged to explore and develop their own thinking. Developing an inquisitive mind will in turn enable children to become problem solvers to discover and learn at their own pace.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (2014).

From sensory and tactile activities for babies to computer tablets and imaginary play for the oldest group of children.

Outings and visits into the local community enhance children’s learning.

First hand experiences are most important to encourage deeper learning.

Trips to the library and theatre.

Guests are invited into the nursery to inform children about subjects such as road safety, brushing teeth, storytelling, etc.


Our nursery lending library is available for all parents and children in the nursery. Parents are able to borrow a wide variety of exciting books we have on offer and take them home to read or alternatively share a story with their child before and after nursery. Parents have said “the library is a valuable resource in the nursery and we love to choose and share books together.”

Soft Play

The soft play is designed with bright vibrant colours for children to have endless amounts of excitement and fun and is an exciting part of the children’s daily routine and is accessed by all children in the nursery.

Local Community (Walks & Trips)

The children in all rooms take weekly trips into the environment such as local shop, Iris Brickfield, Heaton Park and Jesmond Dene. Each room will go further afield each half term to the beach, Hancock museum and other exciting places of interest.